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Location And Sub-Location Groups

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If your webcams cover multiple geographic locations, organizing your devices into location and sub-location groups will help when you need to search or filter your devices, images, Studio service profiles, and more.

Group Types

  • Location Groups are major locations (for example:San Diego or Los Angeles).
  • Sub-Location Groups are subsets of locations (for example:Cardiff, Del Mar, Oceanside or Santa Monica, Long Beach, Venice).


  • You must be an Admin.

  • You must have your Portal login.
    Contact your Customer Administrator or HDOnTap Support if you need assistance with your Portal credentials.

Video Tutorial


Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Log in to the HDOnTap Portal and navigate to Customer Profile in the left-side menu.

  2. Click Location Groups. Here you can see any existing location groups or sub-location groups.
    HDOnTap Location Groups

  3. Adding a new location group

    Type the name of the new location group in the Add New Location field and click the Locator icon HDOnTap Location Groups to save:
    HDOnTap Location Groups

    Adding a new sub-location group

    Press the + button for the parent location group:
    HDOnTap Sub-Location Groups

    Type the name of the new sub-location group in the field, then press enter to save:
    HDOnTap Location Groups
    HDOnTap Location Groups

    Editing the name of a location or sub-location group

    Click the location or sub-location group you would like to rename. Type your changes, then press enter to save.


  4. Deleting Location and Sub-Location Groups

    Click the X icon for the location or sub-location group you would like to delete:
    HDOnTap Location Groups

    Note: Deleting a location group will delete all sub-location groups nested within it.