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Why You Need to Start Broadcasting Your Webcam on Facebook Live Right Now!

Posted by Tiffany Sears on August 27 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


Did you know you can stream your live webcam on Facebook Live? HDOnTap makes it easy for its customers to broadcast their live webcam to Facebook Live. Using the HDOnTap customer portal you can stream to Facebook Live anytime!

AZGFD Goes Batty With Latest Live-Streaming Wildlife Camera

Posted by Tiffany Sears on August 27 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


The Arizona Game & Fish Department has once again partnered with HDOnTap to bring you what is believed to be the first live streaming wild bat roost camera in Arizona!

Raptor Rehabilitation Flight Facility - Now Streaming Live

Posted by Tassia Bezdeka on July 19 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre partners with HDOnTap to bring live streams to wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Selecting the Right Webcam Streaming Service Provider

Posted by Tiffany Sears on July 01 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


Your webcam streaming service provider should be a partner in your business' success. Here are several factors to consider when selecting a streaming service provider.

Top 5 Strategies Our Most Successful Webcam Owners Are Doing Right Now!

Posted by Tiffany Sears on March 13 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


HDOnTap’s most successful customers utilize their live webcam streaming features to the fullest! How do they do this? Weather they are looking to increase website traffic, engage social media followers, increase donations or create excitement about an event or destination, our customers have created purposeful and achievable strategies. We have detailed these proven valuable and successful strategies below.

Drive Traffic to Your Live Webcam!

Posted by Tiffany Sears on January 01 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


The HDonTap team put together what we think are the best strategies to elevate your online viewer experience and increase traffic with live webcam!

Maximize Return On Your Live Cam Investment!

Posted by Tim Sears on December 01 2017 | Categories: INNOVATION


Want your live cam to be an effective marketing tool for your business? Live cams are a proven method to boosting traffic to both your website and destination - weather resort or attraction. While very popular now with the ski, surf, hospitatlity and attraction industries, our customers are finding new uses everyday for webcams.

HDOnTap Launches HTML5 Player!

Posted by Tiffany Sears on September 01 2017 | Categories: INNOVATION


HDOnTap continues to stay at the forefront of live video streaming technology and offers HTML5 live streaming across all users and devices.

Choosing The Right Webcam Solution

Posted by Tim Sears on August 01 2017 | Categories: INNOVATION


Live webcams have become a popular marketing tool for hotels, resorts and attractions but with so many different webcams and live video streaming services available, it can be a stressful and challenging process to find the best solution for your business. HDOnTap makes the webcam integration process easy for you by providing the full solution; both the webcam hardware and live HD video streaming service as an all-in-one-package.