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Top 5 Strategies Our Most Successful Webcam Owners Are Doing Right Now!

March 13, 2018


The least successful webcams are the ones that are hidden and left alone. Make sure your webcam is on the main page of your website or the webcam link is easily visible. Promote your brand by placing your company logo on the video stream as a watermark overlay. Learn more about your viewers and their viewing habits by actively analyzing the performance of your live stream(s) by utilizing the Live Stream Analytics and Statistics data provided by HDOnTap. 



Incentivize your viewers to engage and return to your webcam each day by creating a contest or game. For example, create a contest "Share & Win!" Each time a viewer shares an image and tags your company and a friend on their social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) they are entered to win a product, service or gift card. By creating games and contests you are keeping your webcam viewers engaged and using your social media followers to spread the word about your webcam. 



Capture event highlights, construction site progress, extreme weather or beautiful sunsets using HDOnTap's time-lapse feature. Auto-record a daily time-lapse video and replay this recording at night or when your camera is offline. Also, use these video clips in other marketing efforts such as sharing them on your own social media pages and YouTube. 


4. GO LIVE! 

Live video is changing the way brands interact with their audiences. A live video strategy engages viewers in immediate and authentic ways. Use tools like Facebook Live and YouTube Live to stream your live webcam. One benefit of using Facebook Live is your ability to engage with social followers by answering real-time questions and responding to real-time comments during your live stream. Streaming live gives you the ability to reach audiences at an unprecedented scale! 



Get On Air Promotion 

Media outlet recognition will increase traffic to your website. References from trusted sources such as media outlets will also enhance your brand reputation. 


Webcam Networks & Local Businesses 

Expand your webcam reach by making it visible on other websites such as webcam networks and directories, as well as on the websites of other local businesses. 


HDOnTap's Webcam Portal

Add your webcam to HDOnTap's webcam portal and expose your webcam to millions of viewers! 

For over 20 years, HDOnTap has provided live streaming solutions to resorts, amusement parks, wildlife refuges and more. In addition to maintaining a network of over 400 live webcams, HDOnTap specializes in design and installation of remote, off-grid and otherwise challenging live streaming solutions. Contact press@hdontap.com for all media needs, including images and recordings.