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HDOnTap Partners with The Pennsylvania Game Commission

Posted by Tim Sears on February 24 2015 | Categories: INNOVATION




Watch the Bald Eagle Live Stream!



As of today, HDOnTap has streamed over 1.7 Million Hours of the Eaglet Pair which equates to over 900TB of data transfer.  The response has been amazing!    We expect to stream well over 10,000,000 Hours before the young fledge from the nest.


Watch a Time-Lapse View of the Bald Eagle Nest!

Picture of Tim Sears

Author: Tim Sears

Tim has self funded, founded and grown numerous technology based companies including Internet Service Providers, Colocation Datacenters and webcam streaming networks. Having studied mechanical engineering and cognitive science at...


Picture of Judith Zollers

Judith Zollers SAYS:

Hello! Just wondering --- have the 2 Hanover eaglets fledged now?? I see the cam isn't on anymore. Is that because you know the eaglets are off on their own now? Thank you! Judi Zollers

Picture of Jack R

Jack R SAYS:

Yes -- the young ones are out and flying near the area. I observed one in a tree with one of the adults yesterday.

Picture of RM Tighe

RM Tighe SAYS:

The babies were both lost then the nest collapsed 5/31. Cameras were to be turned off 6-1

Picture of jodi

jodi SAYS:

I cant for the cams to start up again #SOEXCITED

Picture of JoAnn


Are you going to have Elk back on this year. Enjoyed them so much. Thank You.

Picture of Daniel Grimes

Daniel Grimes SAYS:

Checking to see when the Elk will be back on in Pa.

Picture of Brian

Brian SAYS:

I am a kindergarten teacher...we loved watching the elk last year? will the cam be up again this year? PLEASE? PLEASE?

Picture of Nancy Counter

Nancy Counter SAYS:

The eagles nest collapsed after the lose of the babies, this has been one very heartbreaking nesting season. Will the Pennsylvania Game Commission be repairing or building a new nest? If the eagles do this on their own, how will you get the cameras put in place?

Picture of Barbara Sauder

Barbara Sauder SAYS:

When will you be turning on the eagle cam in Hanover PA. Will it be the same web site. I'm waiting very impatiently. I just hope they return after last years heartbreak.

Picture of Ms. G


Hello, My homeroom students were enjoying the Elk cam in the morning. We don't have them where we live, but a lot of my students hunt. Will it be back up?

Picture of Deb Stai

Deb Stai SAYS:

I'd watched the Hanover eagle nest last season, so heartbreaking. Now I understand that after, the nest fell apart. It seemed such a nice nest. Have you seen any activity, parents trying to rebuild. I don't know when they would in that part of the states, the weather. When will we know. How will we know.

Picture of Carol

Carol SAYS:

Please turn cameras on!!!!!!!!

Picture of Sharon Schilling

Sharon Schilling SAYS:

Please notify us when you activate the cameras again. We so enjoyed watching the eagles and the Elk. Thank You.



please put the cameras on we are missing a lot

Picture of Mary Sheppard

Mary Sheppard SAYS:

Please let us know if the eagles came back to re-build their nest this year. After last year's tragedies, I would so like to know if they make an effort this year, and if we will be able to watch as we have for the past two years. It has been so educating, and your people do a really fine job of keeping us posted when the cameras "go down". Thank you for all you've done in the past, and I hope to be able to enjoy the site at Hanover, Pa. again this year.

Picture of Marcia Myers

Marcia Myers SAYS:

Will u be turning the cams on for the eagles this year? If so when and have they been rebuilding the nest? I really enjoy watching them every year. hope this yr is a good one.

Picture of Nancy Counter

Nancy Counter SAYS:

As a follower of these eagles for a couple of years, I certainly know of our tragic 2016. Especially the nest caving in. But can't someone get back to us to let us know if you will be streaming this year. Did they rebuild the nest, or build elsewhere, is the Pennsylvania Game Commission still watching them. I and others would appreciate an answer as we're very attached to them and care deeply.

Picture of Marty

Marty SAYS:

you can view pictures of the eagles and their nest as they rebuild from local photographers on Facebook at until the cameras get turned back on.



i tough the cameras were coming on today

Picture of Aimee Evoli

Aimee Evoli SAYS:

Good Morning,everyone! 12/20/16.; A big thank you to those local folks in Hanover,Pa Eagle Cam and Karen Lippy, and Others at Codorus State Park in Hanover,Pa. for sharing their photographs and eye witness accounts of the re-building of Freedom and Liberty's nest and watching them bring in branches and rearranging them for their 2016/17 nesting season. And flying up and down the Lake Marburg. Eagerly waiting for both day and Infrared cams to be turned on and get educated,dear Pa Game Commission and HDOnTAP!! Happy! Thnx.

Picture of Marcia Myers

Marcia Myers SAYS:

when will they be turning on the cams hope it is soon we are missing so much <3

Picture of Paul  Messaros

Paul Messaros SAYS:

This is my third year watching those beautiful birds . In 2015 it was a learning experience for me to see how gentle they were when feeding time started when the eggs hatched . I really enjoyed watching those young eagles , up until they were fully grown , when they would excercise their wings and in the process they hit the camera and that's when the video stopped showing them . It was disappointing not to see them after that . The outcome for the eagles in 2016 was very sad as they both would not accept the outcome . It was more sad for me to see their loss and kinda shared their loss .

Picture of Buzz

Buzz SAYS:

Is the elk cam going to be running this year if so when like it very much

Picture of vidya

vidya SAYS:

My first grade students enjoyed so much watching the live cam of Hanover PA ,bald eagles this year. Please let us know if you are streaming any this year. Thank you!

Picture of Nancy Counter

Nancy Counter SAYS:

I was asked if I was live streaming Hanover, unfortunately, no, but I check in throughout the day. I watch several bird cams and they are close to my heart, especially our Hanover eagles, as they were my first introduction to bird cams. What a joy they can be.

Picture of Smithe354

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Picture of Smithe976

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Smithc976 SAYS:

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