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Why Add Live Video to Your Website?

Posted by Tim Sears on May 05 2014 | Categories: INNOVATION


5 reasons to add videos

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Live Video to Your Website

1: Increase traffic to your website

Create excitement about your hotel, resort or attraction via the web. Potential customers no longer want to see still images of your location. Engage webcam viewers by broadcasting your location’s breathtaking views, exotic scenery, first class amenities and/or up-to-date weather conditions with real-time live HD video on your website via many platforms: smart phones, tablets, Internet, smart TV’s. 


2: New marketing opportunities

Using HDOnTap’s professional live HD video streaming services you have the ability to add pre- and mid- roll advertisements directly on the webcam video stream. Advertise current company promotions or upcoming events. Monetize your webcam content by allowing other businesses to advertise on your live webcam stream or on the surrounding areas of the webcam page. 


3: Give your social media strategy and edge

Videos and photos inspire the most engagement such as comments, likes and shares on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites. Your number of potential followers is vast so allow your followers to interact with your live webcam. Run contests to further engage and increase interactions of your followers.  


4: Increase revenue for your business

By adding a live webcam to your website you have expanded your reach to an unlimited number of worldwide online viewers. Combine this increase in website traffic and utilization of additional marketing and social media opportunities to lead to an increase in company revenue.


5: Increased website search engine ranking

Give your website an advantage by adding a live webcam. Give your webcam a clear title and make sure it has descriptive text. Don’t just leave the page empty with a webcam interface because search engines will not know what the page is about. Label your inbound links “ABC Resort Webcam” instead of “click here”. By doing these two things you will quickly increase your search engine ranking. 

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