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AZGFD Goes Batty With Latest Live-Streaming Wildlife Camera

Posted by Tiffany Sears on August 27 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


The Arizona Game & Fish Department has once again partnered with HDOnTap to bring you what is believed to be the first live streaming wild bat roost camera in Arizona!

Raptor Rehabilitation Flight Facility - Now Streaming Live

Posted by Tassia Bezdeka on July 19 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre partners with HDOnTap to bring live streams to wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

HDOnTap’s Live Eastern Screech Owl Cam Airs on NBC DFW!

Posted by Tiffany Sears on May 09 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


HDOnTap's live Eastern Screech Owl cam, located in Grapevine, Texas, airs on NBC DFW. The cam is inspiring students and reaching viewers worldwide!

California Condor Nest Cam Goes Live! - Ventana Wildlife Society & Oakland Zoo

Posted by Tiffany Sears on March 02 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


The California Condor nest camera was made possible by a successful collaboration between the Ventana Wildlife Society, Oakland Zoo, Federal Express and HDOnTap.

Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Eagle Cam is back for 2018!

Posted by Tiffany Sears on January 12 2018 | Categories: INNOVATION


HDOnTap has partnered once again with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to bring you this front seat view of two Bald Eagles during their 2018 breeding season! A second live Eagle Cam with IR was added last year to bring a 24/7 view into the nest. The bald eagle's history in Pennsylvania is a precarious one. Only 30 years ago, Pennsylvania had a mere three nests left in the entire state. With the help of the Canadian government and several agencies including the Pennsylvania Game Commission, bald eagle chicks were brought back to PA to reintroduce bald eagles to the Northeast. Enjoy the live streaming Bald Eagle Nest Cam.

Sandhill Crane Cam Goes Live! - Arizona Game & Fish Commission

Posted by Tim Sears on January 14 2016 | Categories: INNOVATION


The Arizona Game & Fish Commission, with the help of HDOnTap’s system design, live HD streaming, & installation services, have successfully brought the Sandhill Crane’s of White Water Draw in south eastern Arizona live to the internet for audiences around the world to enjoy!

HDOnTap is recognized by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for a successful streaming season!

Posted by Tim Sears on December 30 2015 | Categories: INNOVATION


Over 12,000,000 Hours of Streaming & 1.5 Million Viewers Reached!

HDOnTap Powers First Ever Live Streaming Nest Cam For Condors In the Wild

Posted by Tassia Bezdeka on August 28 2015 | Categories: INNOVATION


Conservation Partners Launch Live Streaming Cameras on Two Endangered California Condor Nests: in a Central California Coastal Redwood Tree and in a Southern California Cliffside

HDOnTap’s Hanover Pennsylvania Eagle Cam Airs on NBC Nightly News!

Posted by Tim Sears on March 09 2015 | Categories: INNOVATION


NBC Nightly News Airs HDOnTap's Live Cam!

HDOnTap Partners with The Pennsylvania Game Commission

Posted by Tim Sears on February 24 2015 | Categories: INNOVATION


As of today, HDOnTap has streamed over 1.7 Million Hours of the Eaglet Pair which equates to over 900TB of data transfer. The response has been amazing! We expect to stream well over 10,000,000 Hours before the young fledge from the nest.

HDOnTap’s Sister Company X Stream Designs Inc. is selected for Top 30 Technology Innovations 2014

Posted by Tim Sears on December 04 2014 | Categories: INNOVATION


Were proud of our product and happy to be among 29 other companies to be selected as a top 30 Technology Innovations 2014 recipient!

October 2014 - Tim Sears Featured in Blog - Live Polar Bear Cam Installation

Posted by Tiffany Sears on October 14 2014 | Categories: INNOVATION


CHURCHILL, MB, CANADA - Tim Sears and BJ Kirschhoffer are up in Churchill preparing our polar bear cameras for the upcoming season! Can you imagine setting up cameras that can operate in temperatures as low as negative 40?

September 7, 2014 - UT San Diego Does a Story On HDOnTap

Posted by Tim Sears on September 07 2014 | Categories: INNOVATION


DEL MAR — Comedians joke about the popularity of cat videos on YouTube, but Tim and Tiffany Sears have discovered there’s a huge and hungry audience online for wildlife and nature footage. For the past 3 1/2 years, the Solana Beach couple has traveled the world installing remote wildlife and nature cameras that stream high-definition video online.

July 2014 - HDOnTap Featured in the Savannah Morning News

Posted by Tiffany Sears on July 18 2014 | Categories: INNOVATION


Lights, cameras, eagles! Skidaway Island gets a live streaming eagle cam. Tim Sears, of HDOnTap, stood in the bucket of Southside Fire Department’s ladder truck No. 7 about 75 feet up in the tree Thursday and installed the first camera on a sturdy branch across from the nest.

June 2014 - Yahoo News Story & Arctic Snowy Owl Live Cam Installation

Posted by Tiffany Sears on July 02 2014 | Categories: INNOVATION


A high-definition camera trained on a burrow near the nation's northernmost city is allowing researchers and any bird viewer with an Internet connection an unfettered view into the nesting den of an Arctic snowy owl.

April 2013 - Yahoo News - Long Eared Owl Live Cam Installation

Posted by Tiffany Sears on April 11 2013 | Categories: INNOVATION


HDOnTap installs an infrared live camera and microphone on top of a pole in willow thickets on Montana rangeland is aimed at a long-eared owl nest.

November 2012 - Huffington Post & Polar Bear Live Cams

Posted by Tiffany Sears on November 12 2012 | Categories: INNOVATION


To mark this ancient ritual of the most dominant mammal trekking across this hemisphere, we at have partnered with Polar Bears International, Frontiers North Adventures and Parks Canada to stream the polar bear migration live in HD, from multiple locations.

July 26, 2012 - IPVS (HDOnTap) Featured in local CBS8 News Story

Posted by Tim Sears on July 26 2012 | Categories: INNOVATION


Tim & Tiffany Sears of IP Video Specialists, Inc. featured in local CBS8 News Story for the Remote Live Brown Bear Camera Network they Built and Installed in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

August 2012 - Bear Cams Installation & Union Tribune Story

Posted by Tim Sears on June 15 2012 | Categories: INNOVATION


Lumbering bears and shimmering salmon are delivered through a network installed and maintained by Tim and Tiffany Sears of Solana Beach.