SERVICES: Design & Installation

Designing The Right Solution

There are many factors to take into consideration when implementing a live cam streaming solution. Careful planning before the installation and techniques during can make the difference between a great viewer experience and a terrible one. Download our Live Cam Installation Planning and Tips white sheet or visit the support tab above to learn more.

Why Choose HDONTAP To Design your Live Cam System

Experience Makes The Difference

With over 18 years in providing professional web cam streaming, hardware design, build and installation services, HDOnTap’s team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you from planning and design through the installation. From smaller single IP camera installations to remote off-grid installations with multiple solar, wind and fuel cell powered fixed wireless nodes, we’ve done it all and we’ve done it all over the world. Our experienced staff has provided professional design and installation services to numerous organizations including non-profit, conservation agencies, wild life refuges, state parks, zoos, aquariums, destination resorts, corporations, wild life research centers and governmental agencies including the National Park Service and Parks Canada. Our team is ready for the challenge – allow us to help design, plan and implement a reliable live web cam streaming solution for your needs – small or large, nearby or remote.

Field & Stream Optimization Planning

It is not all plug and play. Our experienced staff takes all factors into consideration when designing a live stream workflow.

  • Available Camera Site Bandwidth
  • Camera Mounting
  • Power
  • Local Network Connectivity
  • Physical Security
  • Climate & Environmental Conditions
  • Sun & Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Camera Field Of View & Focal Length
  • Camera Field Of View Motion
  • Latency & Public Internet Routes
  • Video Resolution, Key-Frame Interval & Data Rates
  • Viewer Bandwidth & Device Demographics

Professional Services Available

For a real 'set-it' and 'forget-it' solution we provide many services to pre-configure your live streaming video system.

  • Professional Design & Consulting From Experienced Video, Off-Grid Power, Network, Software & Field Engineers
  • Custom-Designed Live Cam Solutions – Remote, Wireless, Cellular, Solar Powered & Mobile
  • Professional Installation Services; Local, Far Away, Remote & Off-Grid – Fixed Wireless Networks, Camera Installation, Off-Grid Power Builds & Installation
  • Managed Services – Live Streaming, Webcams, Live Cam Networks, Fixed Wireless Networks & Off-Grid Power
  • Pre-Built, Pre-Configured, Self-Install-Ready Customized Hardware Solutions - The Equipment Will Arrive Ready To Mount, Plug In & Stream

Add Live Video Streaming To your Site in 3 Easy Steps

Increase traffic to your website with a live streaming webcam!

ACT NOW!: If you have questions or need assistance with any part of the three step process, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help every step of the way!

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