Streaming Packages: Overview


To facilitate getting started and saving monies, our team has put together several packaged webcam hardware solutions as well as start to finish solutions with bundled live streaming plans. Designed around different industries and climates, the packaged solutions will arrive at your door pre-built, tested and configured for easy self-installation.

Starter Packages - Hardware & Streaming

Fixed HD Lite


Perfect for entry-level live streaming

Get started in live streaming with our entry-level packages! Each package includes a high definition camera and one year of live streaming service. Brand our live stream player and expand your reach with social sharing, automatically create time-lapse clips and more!

PTZ Broadcast Package PTZ Broadcast

Perfect for Resorts, Houses of Worship, Sports Stadiums and More

Showcase your view online and off with the PTZ Broadcast Hardware Package! Simultaneously live stream over IP while broadcasting directly from the camera to an internal monitor or display.

Wet and Rainy Climate Package Wet and Rainy Climate

Perfect for Damp or Rainy Environments

Combat camera focus issues that arise when the dome lens is obscured by raindrops with the HDOnTap Wet & Rainy Climate Hardware Package!

Day/Night IR Nest Cam Package Day/Night IR Nest Cam

Perfect for Eagle & Owl Nests

Make wildlife watchable with the HDOnTap IR Nest Cam package! This hardware solution includes everything you need to stream from the nest to the web, 24 hours a day.

Extreme Cold PTZ Package Extreme Cold PTZ

Perfect for Ski & Snow Resorts

The Extreme Cold Ski Resort PTZ Live Streaming Package is the perfect hardware solution to combat cold weather and lens obscuring ice and snow while protecting sensitive electronics.

Coastal Clean Lens Package Coastal Clean Lens

Perfect for Beach And Coastal Environments

The Coastal Clean Lens PTZ Live Cam Package is the perfect solution to combat damp and salty air leading to image obscuring grime and salt buildup on the dome lens. Damp & salty air envoronments lead to image-obscuring grime and salt build-up - combat the effects of nature with the HDOnTap Coastal Clean Lens Package!

Add Live Video Streaming To your Site in 3 Easy Steps

Increase traffic to your website with a live streaming webcam!

ACT NOW!: If you have questions or need assistance with any part of the three step process, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help every step of the way!

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