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HDOnTap’s Live Webcam Streaming Network spans the globe supporting over 1,500 webcams delivering over 200 million hours of live video each year to viewers worldwide. Our network was designed and built with redundancy and scalability in mind delivering the latest technology has to offer – Secure Feature Rich Live Webcam Streaming Solutions backed with Reliable Service and Experienced Customer Support!

Any Screen. Any Device Streaming!

HDOnTap’s network can ingest just about any type of live stream, whether we pull the stream or it is published to our network – the ingest stream is decoded and re-packetized for delivery to just about any screen or device – Web Browser, IOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod), Android, Silverlight Players, Roku, Set Top Boxes & Streaming Devices.


Live Streaming Services Explained

RTMP Push Publishing

If you have video encoding hardware or software - Teradek Cube, TriCaster, Wirecast, GoCoder, Flash Media Encoder etc.., easily publish your live video streams to HDOnTap’s network by pushing the stream via RTMP. HDOnTap will provide you with an RTMP URL and credentials to publish your live stream.

CDN & Streaming Network Publishing Services

Simplify your streaming workflow. HDOnTap’s network will pull a single live stream from your H.264 IP webcam and push to one or multiple streaming networks that are not setup to work directly with IP webcams (YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, LiveStream, Akamai, LimeLight, BitGravity, EdgeCast…)! See CDN Pass-Thru Services

Live Stream Recording

Within the streaming cloud , HDOnTap’s network can record your live video stream for on-demand streaming or made available to download for post editing if desired. A very popular feature with our animal cams for research purposes.

Time-Shift Streaming

For customers with sensitive content like zoos or audiences in far away time-zones, HDOnTap’s Time-Shift Streaming Services ingest the live video stream and output one or multiple time-shifted streams with preset delay parameters down to the second.

Play-it-Again Streaming

Don’t watch dark webcam video at night. HDOnTap’s Play-it-Again streaming service records the live video server side during daylight hours then re-streams that days video during dark hours.

Scheduled Streaming

Via a schedule – automatically switch content and stream any number and combination of pre-recorded and live video streams.

Live Stream Video Transcoding

Ingest a single high quality live video stream and transcode the video to different video / audio codecs and sizes to suit different devices and streaming workflows.

Time-Lapse Video & Image Grabs

HDOnTap’s Time-Lapse Video Services grab images via a schedule, save and automatically generate time-lapse movies. Using a single Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera, the system can be configured to create multiple time-lapse movies while simultaneously streaming live video.

Pre, Mid & Post Roll Video Ad Insertions

Insert pre, mid and post roll ad or promo video inserts to your live webcam stream. Take advantage of your viewers captive attention and insert short promo clips about your services and upcoming events. A popular feature for hotels and resorts wanting to promote discounted off season rates.

Live DVR Webcam Streaming

Some content just has to be seen again - or over and over. Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind & Return to Live with HDOnTap’s LiveDVR Webcam Streaming Services.


Control multiple Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras and select on the fly between multiple live webcam streams which is sent to a virtual channel. Embed a single live stream player on your website and seamlessly switch between multiple live stream sources which is the live program feed. A popular streaming service for live animal cams that don’t typically have animals present on each webcam. Cloud Hosted Live Streaming

Audio & Video Stream Muxing

Depending on your streaming workflow, sometimes combining separate audio and video feeds into a single stream is required. Control the muxing process via HDOnTap’s customer portal and the MuxController. Cloud Hosted Live Streaming

Video On Demand Streaming

Upload your video files or stream any of the server side recordings generated by your webcam.

Low-Latency Camera Control

Depending on the circumstances and streaming workflow, a low bandwidth high quality preview stream with minimal latency for camera control is best.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Webcams & Control

Control your Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) webcam from HDOnTap’s camera control web interface simplifying management and reducing bandwidth usage at the camera site.

Streaming Features

The following streaming features are included with all of HDOnTap’s Managed Webcam Streaming Services and Solutions.

Watermark Video Overlay

Brand your live video stream by placing your company logo on the video feed as a watermark overlay. The watermark can be embedded into the video stream at the server level along with HDOnTap’s transcoding services or overlaid on the video at the player level. Either way allows you to customize the watermarks position, size and transparency.

Mobile Device Streaming - IOS & Android

HDOnTap’s network supports live streaming to mobile devices whether they support flash or not. This includes Apple’s IOS devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad) as well as all Android devices.

Image Snapshots

Via an HTTP URL, generate image snapshots on the fly of your live video stream. Select between png and jpeg format as well as the size of the image. A great tool for social sharing, live thumbnail preview images and stream monitoring.

SnapShot Proxy

Via HDOnTap’s Portal, configure one or multiple live stream image snapshot URL proxys. Overlay a live bug or your company logo, setup a customized Stream-Offline image and define image caching interval. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE

Unlimited Concurrent Viewers

HDOnTap’s network ingests a single stream from your webcam then re-broadcasts that stream to an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers. The impact on your network is a single video stream while the remaining concurrent live streams are handled by HDOnTap’s network.

Stream Analytics

Stream Analytics allow you to learn more about your viewers and their viewing habits. See Data Transferred, Stream Duration, Streams Count, Unique Visitors, Hours of Day, Countries, Regions & Cities Served.

Live Stream Statistics

Real-Time Stream statistics with the # of concurrent viewers per stream & number of stream views.

Anti-Stream Hi-Jacking

Via Secure Token Authentication and/or Domain Based Stream Control, secure your live stream from being hijacked and streamed on other websites.

Flash Player Embedding & Features

Customize the look and functionality of the flash player on your website. Some of the options include; Mute – Yes/No, Tool Bar – location, look & hide, Player Size, Startup Poster Image, Player Integrated Social Sharing, Autostart Stream, Watermark Overlays, Ads, Custom Messages, Playlists and Auto Fallback to IOS if Flash is not supported.

Webcam Monitoring & Alerting

HDOnTap’s network monitors the availability of the webcam and alerts you via email and/or text if there is an issue. Don’t wait for your website visitors to alert you to issues you could easily have solved sooner.

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