Solutions: Zoos And Aquariums


Internet connection speeds continue to increase and the number of viewers watching live video continues to grow exponentially. Photo galleries and video tours were old news years ago. In fact, webcam technology from just a few years ago will put viewers to sleep now days.

With HDOnTap’s live webcam streaming services and customized webcam hardware solutions, aquariums, zoos and wild life facilities are able to display their exhibits and animals in real-time. Webcams are viewed by millions of people every day – thus helping to attract new customers and ultimately ticket sales.

Real-Time Views

Share your exhibits, animals, first class facilities and up-to-date weather conditions to potential customers. Whether you are located in a remote area or in a metropolitan city, HDOnTap provides turn-key solutions with Hardware, HD webcam streaming and website integration consultation.

Unlimited Simultaneous Viewers

Expensive internet connections & bandwidth bottlenecks do not exist. Our streaming network pulls a single stream from each camera and delivers the live HD stream to unlimited numbers of simultaneous viewers.

Any Device Live Webcam Streaming

Why limit the live streams to computers? HDOnTap’s any device streaming allows you to reach your audience on all devices. Computer, IPTV, iPhone/iPad, Android, Roku…

Any Network. Any Speed

HDOnTap’s Adaptive Streaming Services enable the optimum viewing experience over any internet connection by automatically detecting the network speed and delivering the appropriate quality stream - 3G, 4G, Wifi or Broadband!


Expand your marketing efforts capturing viewers attention with live HD video and share your webcam content in newsletters and media sites.

Increase Website Traffic

Still image galleries are a thing of the past! Increase traffic to your website and keep viewers engaged by broadcasting real-time HD video of your destination resort – warm or cold!

Real-Time Viewer Stats & Analytics

Make better decisions and drive results with comprehensive analytics and reports. Identify your best content and discover audience behaviors with insightful details.

Increase Brand Awareness

Add your company’s logo as a watermark overlay on your live webcam stream and allow viewers to share with their social network to increase brand awareness.

Promote Social Interaction

With integrated social media tools, our video player makes it easy for your live viewers to work and give your social media strategy an edge! Put your webcam viewers to work sharing your live webcam views.

FUll HD Live Streaming

Captivate your audience with incredibly clear HD live video. Up to 1080p live webcam streaming!

Network DVR

Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward and return to Live – any live stream!

Live Resort Tours

Highlight key areas of your resort and allow your viewers to watch an automated camera tour of your destination resort.

In-Player Advertising

Advertise promotions, events or packages with Pre, Mid and Post Roll Video Inserts.

Time-Shifted Streaming

Not all viewers reside in your time-zone. Broadcast the days live footage during dark hours and reach an audience that doesn’t have the pleasure of living nearby.


Embed the live stream on your website and only your website. Our network secures the stream from being hi-jacked by other websites.

Server Side Recording

Archive your live streams server side and stream them at a later date – on demand!

Web Based Stream Control

From anywhere in the world, login and control your live streams AND cameras from our browser based Stream Control Center.

Time-Lapse Video

With HDOnTap’s time-lapse video services, our network pulls and archives images while simultaneously streaming live video. Time-Lapse movies are rendered automatically based on settings configured within the Time-Lapse dashboard.

Zoo And Aquarium Specific Packages

HDOnTap offers hardware only package options allowing you to choose or customize a streaming plan as well as start to finish full package solutions which include the hardware and streaming plan. If the up front costs of the hardware exceeds your budget, we offer monthly payment options for both the hardware and streaming or pay up front for both and receive favorable discounts. Our packaged hardware solutions are built, tested and pre-configured prior to shipping and arrive at your door ready to Hang, Plug In and Stream!

Whether your resort or hotel is on the beach, in the mountains or in the middle of the desert, our packaged all climate hardware and resort streaming solutions will facilitate getting started. Visit our Hardware Packages page under the Hardware tab above to learn more.

Damp Outdoor Exhibit PTZ Live Cam Package

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Clean Lens Exhibit PTZ Live Cam Package

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Discrete Exhibit Live Cam Package

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Wireless Resort PTZ Live Cam Package

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Fixed Underwater Aquarium HD Live Cam Package

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Choosing the right Webcam Hardware

HDONTAP Live Video Streaming Hardware

There are numerous webcam hardware options to choose from. For this reason, choosing the right solution can be a challenge. We are here to help! After 18 years of designing, building and installing live webcam hardware and streaming solutions, we’ve learned the do’s and the don’ts as well as the pros and cons.

Each installation is unique and thus requires thought when choosing a solution. HDOnTap offers pre-built pre-configured packages as well as custom build solutions - from simple fixed cameras to elaborate off-grid solar powered, wirelessly networked extreme cold remotely controllable live webcam streaming hardware solutions. Visit our Hardware solutions page to learn more.

Initial Requirements

The Initial requirements for getting started with a live streaming webcam include a suitable internet connection, a suitable camera mounting location, power and network connectivity to the camera.

Suitable Internet Connection

A stable Internet connection with decent upload bandwidth and a static public IP address are recommended. The upload bandwidth requirements depend on the size and quality of the live stream as well as the amount of motion in the video. While HDOnTap’s network only uploads a single live stream from the camera, the higher the frame rate and resolution of the video – the more upload bandwidth is required.

Typical upload bandwidth requirements are:

640x360 (360p); 384 – 768Kbps

800x450 (450p); 512 - 1024Kbps

1024x576 (576p); 768 – 1,536Kbps

1280x720 (720p); 1,536 – 3072Kbps

Camera Location

It is important to find a location with unobstructed views and a mounting surface that is solid. Mounting to poles or locations that are not solid will lead to extremely shaky video when the camera zooms in tight. If you have more than one possible mounting location, take the suns location during the day into consideration trying to keep the sun behind the camera.


While solar and off-grid power is an option, picking a camera mounting location allowing you to power the camera system via either higher voltage 115/230VAC or low voltage 24VAC is most desired. Power Over Ethernet - allowing a single Cat5e Ethernet cable run from the network to the camera is an option with certain hardware solutions.

Network Connectivity

A direct hard wired network connection between the camera and your network is more desirable but not required. Simple wireless solutions are available pre-configured from HDOnTap giving you a wider selection of possible camera mounting locations.


HDOnTap offers numerous hardware solutions to get started! Choose one of our proven packaged hardware solutions or enlist the help of an HDOnTap representative to custom build an a la carte solution to meet your live webcam streaming requirements. All hardware solutions leave our door pre-built and configured for easy self-installation. When you receive the hardware, we are here to help with any questions you might have during the installation process. Visit our Hardware solutions page to learn more.

Streaming Plan

Choose one of our pre-determined streaming plans or enlist the help of an HDOnTap representative to customize a webcam streaming workflow to meet your requirements. Visit our services tab above to learn more.


The final step in getting a live webcam on your website is taking the simple code provided by HDOnTap and embedding it within the HTML pages on your website. Our support documents provide great resources to assist with this process. If further assistance is required, don’t hesitate to call our support staff during business hours. We are hear to help!

Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo in California is home to more than 660 native and exotic animals. HDOnTap’s streaming solutions provide feature rich reliable streaming to the zoo's website visitors, ultimately boosting ticket sales.

Go Fish Education Center

Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources chose HDOnTap’s services to provide a reliable underwater live streaming solution for their website to increase traffic and ultimately visits to the center.

Homewood California

Homewood chose to take advantage of live webcams on its website to portray the scenic views and mountain conditions in real-time - capturing an audience and ultimately selling more lift tickets.

Add Live Video Streaming To your Site in 3 Easy Steps

Increase traffic to your website with a live streaming webcam!

ACT NOW!: If you have questions or need assistance with any part of the three step process, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help every step of the way!

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