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Having presented one of the very first webcams on the web in late 1995, HDOnTap’s founder continues to stay at the forefront of technology providing innovative, feature rich and affordable live webcam hosting and streaming solutions. With over 22 years of experience pioneering the webcam industry, HDOnTap’s live streaming network now supports a global network of over 1,500 webcams delivering millions of hours of live video each month to well over a million viewers worldwide.


HDOnTap Tower Installation

From smaller single webcam installations to remote off-grid installations with multiple solar, wind and methanol fuel cell powered networks, we’ve done it all and we’ve done it all over the world.  Our experienced staff has provided professional design, installation and live streaming services to numerous organizations including non-profit, wild life refuges, state parks, zoos, aquariums, destination resorts, corporations and governmental agencies including the National Park Service and Parks Canada.  Visit our featured installations page to learn more!


HDOnTap’s live webcam streaming network and services are built on proven hardware, the latest in software technology and housed in state of the art datacenters - both redundant and secure!  With a mission centered on customers service, we strive to stay ahead of the competition taking advantage of the latest technology allowing us to deliver unique webcam streaming solutions – whether part of our current services or customized for your needs! 


Professional Webcam Services:

HDOnTap’s products and services include everything webcam – Hardware Sales, Customization, Design, Build, Installation, Website Stream Embedding and Live HD Streaming.  Whether your needs are simple, complex or require a customized solution, HDOnTap’s experienced staff is ready to get started helping you. 

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HDOnTap makes it simple to customize a live webcam solution based on your company’s needs by providing the webcam hardware, streaming services and support under one roof.  Allow us to work with you to find the webcam hardware and streaming plan that is both smart and affordable delivering the maximum results for your business.


Why do I need HDOnTap?

In a few words, HDOnTap’s services unleash features and services not available with your webcam out of the box. 


In more words - Typical internet connections do not provide adequate bandwidth to support high-quality video to more than two or three simultaneous viewers.  HDOnTap’s Live Streaming Network minimizes bandwidth usage by securing a single high quality video stream from your camera and re-broadcasts the live video using our distributed network of servers – thus eliminating the need for costly high-speed internet bandwidth , improving video quality and simultaneously delivering the video to thousands of users.   Along with smart bandwidth usage, HDOnTap’s streaming technology provides features not available when streaming directly from your webcam – Live Stream Transcoding & Adaptive Streaming, mobile streaming (iPhone/iPad/Android), time-lapse video, network DVR – pause, fast forward, rewind and return to live video, server side recording, streaming analytics, pre, mid and post roll ad inserts, customized website video embeds eliminating plug-ins, full screen viewing, time-shift streaming for sensitive content, secure-token stream theft protection, bandwidth connection limits, admin control panel and much more.


Add Live Video Streaming To your Site in 3 Easy Steps

Increase traffic to your website with a live streaming webcam!

ACT NOW!: If you have questions or need assistance with any part of the three step process, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help every step of the way!