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LIVE WEBCAMS are a proven method to boost traffic to both your website and destination. Make sure you are PREPARED to host a live webcam stream by following our REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST

Dedicated Internet Access

Reliable, dedicated internet access is required in order to stream live video. Faster frame rates and higher resolutions require faster upload speeds. An HDOnTap representative can help you determine an appropriate speed depending on your streaming workflow. A public static IP address is also preferred, although dynamic DNS is an option as well.

  • Is your camera subject mostly static or is there a lot of motion in the video? A scene with a lot of movement requires more bandwidth than a static scene with little motion. 

Camera & Network Power

Your camera and network will require a power source. While 115/220VAC utility power is preferred and less expensive, it isn’t always an option. In this situation, it is possible to power the equipment via an off-grid solar, wind and/or fuel cell solution. 

  • Unsure about the best power setup and hardware for your location? HDOnTap can help you determine the best equipment for your unique needs!

Network Connectivity

Your camera must be connected to the network in order to live stream. This is typically done with an Ethernet cable, however, sometimes the distance between the camera and the internet source is too great to make a physical connection. When this is the case, a fixed wireless network can be deployed as long as there is clear line of sight between the antennas. 

  • Using binoculars or a telescope can help you determine if line of sight exists. Google Earth is also a helpful tool.

Camera Mounting Location

A secure and solid mounting location for the camera is important and needs to be determined prior to beginning the installation process. It is best to find a location where the sun is predominantly behind the camera, as well as a location that can be accessed if necessary to service the camera and clean the lens when required. 

  • There are numerous mounting options for cameras. Each may require different mounting hardware. Take pictures and provide HDOnTap with diagrams and measurements for expert suggestions on the best mounting options.

Permission & Permits

In order to install the camera, power and network equipment, it is important to make sure that you have permission and permits (if necessary) before the installation process can begin. 

  • The best camera view might be from a building or location where you are not the owner. In this case, consult with the property owner to secure written permission to install.