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Considering a webcam but want to ensure that your marketing dollars are going the distance? A live streaming webcam can benefit your business in many ways:

Take Advantage of Technology and Engage Viewers

In today's extensively documented and reviewed world, you can give your potential customers unprecedented access to your business with a live stream. Engage viewers by showcasing your breathtaking views, exotic scenery, first-class amenities and up-to-date weather conditions so your audience doesn't have to wonder.

  • (TIP) Ensure that the live webcam stream is easy to find on your website with a prominent link or display on your homepage. Take advantage of the real estate around the live stream player with a message or promotion as it will end up one of the most popular pages on your website. Updating your Yelp page or other review sites with a link to your live stream is another great way to make sure potential customers see the best side of your business.

Increase Brand Exposure

Visual messaging is proven to be the most compelling, and that is especially true online. Share your photos and video clips on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and watch your follower count grow. Likes, comments and shares from others expose your business to new audiences that you may not otherwise reach!

  • (TIP) Consider sharing your live stream with local news outlets and websites to take your reach further. With HDOnTap, you can customize multiple live stream players to ensure that your messaging is appropriate for the outlet and your branding can be seen far and wide.

Build an engaged audience

Many viewers will come back to a live cam time and time again - this is especially true for wildlife and nest cams. Allow viewers to leave comments on your website to prompt conversations, questions and comments from your audience. The Facebook comments plugin is a popular, free choice, and it also allows comment moderation. Don't forget to respond!

  • (TIP) Many wildlife cams have unofficial Facebook groups to track the activity and history of the cam. Control the conversation and facilitate the community by setting up a Facebook group or page for your cam and post the link prominently near your live stream player.

Explore new marketing and revenue opportunities

Some HDOnTap streaming plans include pre-roll advertisements directly in the player! Advertise current company promotions or events to increase awareness and revenue.

  • (TIP) Monetize your webcam content by allowing other businesses to advertise on your live stream or on the surrounding areas of the webcam page.

Enjoy increased Online Rankings

Video is great for SEO, and the benefits can be even greater when the video is live! Give your webcam its own page with an appropriate meta title and description so that it can be listed properly in search results.

  • (TIP) The content around your live stream player is also important! Surround your player embed with keyword-rich information to see the most benefit to your search engine rankings.