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Hanover Bald Eagle Blog and Live Cam Launch 2020-2021

December 21, 2020
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Highlight Clip from Early Season Nestorations 

HDOnTap, in partnership with Comcast Business and Pennsylvannia Game Commission, is streaming the Hanover Bald Eagle nest cameras live for the seventh season! 

We're excited to kick off the Hanover Bald Eagle Season Blog for it's third season to help educate viewers about Eagle behaviors and events they witness on the live cams of wild bald eagles in their natural habitat. The blog will be updated weekly every Monday during the peak nesting season. Expect to learn more about eagles with lot of helpful information, photos and video highlights regarding Bald Eagles and specifically this pair in their Hanover, PA nest

Our Bald Eagle Blog team consists of our Raptor Ecology Specialist, Zoey Greenberg who joins us again this year, and Kate Alexander our new Marketing Associate and Social Media Manager. 


Meet the Team! 


Raptor Ecology Specialist - Zoey T. Greenberg

Hanover Blog Writer and Contributor

Zoey has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine where she focused on science writing, bird migration, and oceanography. She then pursued intensive raptor studies in Pennsylvania, where she worked as a hawkwatcher, raptor research field assistant, science writer, and educator. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Montana, where she studies writing, birds, and the intersection between the two. Zoey is thrilled to be returning as the Raptor Ecology Specialist for another Hanover season, and looks forward to engaging with the passionate, inquisitive, and caring community that observes these eagles in all their beauty. 



Marketing and Social Media Manager at HDOnTap - Kate Alexander

Hanover Blog Content Contributor

Kate is an Ohio Univeristy Alumna and Digital Marketer. While studying Photojournalism, she contributed content for several local publications and was a press photographer in 2012 for Former President Obama's 2012 campaign stop to Athens, Ohio. Kate inherited a strong passion for animals, marine life and the outdoors from her grandfather who was a biology professor, nature photographer and bird enthusiast. Fate brought her to San Diego in 2017 and she is right at home with HDOnTap! She curates visual content for all platforms, manages email campaigns, facilitates partnerships and digital marketing strategy for HDOnTap. When she's not at the office she can be found hiking, gardening, crafting, volunteering for local non-profits or perfecting new recipes in the kitchen.


Zoey and Kate will be monitoring the Hanover, PA Bald Eagle Live Cams, analyzing nest activity and contribuing the scientific and education information for the Hanover Bald Eagle Blogs. 



HDOnTap has been live streaming the Hanover, PA bald eagle nest since 2015.

The past two seasons have been unsuccessful, resulting in 2 eggs but no fledges. The 2018-2019 season proved successful for the resident bald eagle pair, nicknamed by viewers “Liberty” and “Freedom”, as they laid a clutch of two eggs, rasied and had two successful fledges.

HDOnTap, Comcast Business and the Pennsylvania Game Commission are all hoping for a successful 2021 Hanover nesting season. 


This live video feed has been granted a Special Permit by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for educational purposes. The Game Commission's mission is: To manage wild birds, wild mammals and their habitats for current and future generations. 


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