{google_analytics} HDOnTap's Live Eastern Screech Owl Cam Airs on NBC DFW!

HDOnTap’s Live Eastern Screech Owl Cam Airs on NBC DFW!

May 09, 2018

On May 6, 2018, NBC DFW featured our Eastern Screech Owl cam, explaining how the camera is being used in schools to help inspire students to learn about wildlife. What a great concept of schools streaming live wildlife cams in their classrooms as an additional tool to help with education. 



Watch the coverage on NBC DFW


HDOnTap has been streaming the Live Eastern Screech Owl Cam for 2 years. For the second year in a row viewers worldwide have watched this owl couple successfully raise 4 adorable owlets. The owlets have recently fledged their nest box and the family is currently hanging out in trees close by the nesting site. 


Watch the Live Eastern Screech Owl Cam!



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