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October 2014 - Tim Sears Featured in Blog - Live Polar Bear Cam Installation

October 14, 2014

Wi-Fi in the Wild: Countdown to Polar Bear Season

Internetting isn’t easy in the North. Each year, Explore.org and Polar Bears International set up multiple live-streaming cameras across the sub-Arctic tundra, letting people from all over the world watch the annual polar bear migration. It may seem simple to get Internet anywhere we want it these days, but securing a fast-streaming HD connection way up north is another story. BJ Kirschhoffer, Director of Field Operations at PBI, enjoys the challenge of getting 51.4 miles (82.7 km) of wireless internet up and running smoothly across the northern tundra each year. There are some days, however, that can be extra challenging. “My greatest challenge is problem solving in a harsh and inaccessible environment with no RadioShack nearby,” says BJ. He doesn’t mind bad weather usually but, “when you’re working in cold temperatures with wind and rain and snow all at once, things get pretty difficult.” However the harsh weather doesn’t discourage BJ. His only concern is getting things done on time. He and Tim Sears (from IP Video Specialists Inc.) are working all day every day to make sure thelive cams are ready to stream into your homes this month. Get ready for polar bear season, you don’t even need a fleece. 


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