Hanover Bald Eagle Blog # 1 - 2024

March 15, 2024

In partnership with Pennsylvania Game Commission   and Comcast Business .

We are thrilled to commence the Hanover bald eagle season blog for its fifth season, aiming to provide educational insights into eagle behaviors observed on the Hanover Eagle cam. Throughout the peak nesting season, which spans several weeks, the blog will be updated weekly to offer a deeper understanding of eagle dynamics, accompanied by informative content, captivating photos, and video highlights!

three bald eagles in the nest fighting

As for this season's developments, observations suggest that the original pair of eagles, possibly the same as last year's, have engaged in mating behaviors. However, additional male eagles have also approached the female and claimed rights to the nest, leading to a complex dynamic that has intrigued viewers. Notably, these interactions coincided with the female laying her first egg on February 24th and a second egg on February 28th. Concerns arose initially about the variability of egg incubation due to the female's disrupted nest attendance, likely caused by the presence of other males threatening the nest. However, recent observations indicate that the female has been more consistent in incubating her two eggs.

For the latest updates on the Hanover nest, viewers are encouraged to join the new and improved HDOnTap chat, where discussions and real-time observations contribute to a comprehensive understanding of this captivating wildlife spectacle. We also encourage our community members to capture their favorite screenshots of any exciting events that may happen in the nest.

Be sure to visit our new blog page to gain insight on previous nesting seasons.


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Blog written by HDOnTap's Marketing Coordinator, Madison Daube



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