Hanover Bald Eagle Blog # 1 - 2023

Jan. 11, 2023

In partnership with Pennsylvania Game Commission   and Comcast Business .

pair of hanover eagles

For us humans, tis’ the season of new beginnings, brainstorming new year’s resolutions, and purchasing calendars — but for the Hanover eagles, it’s time to redecorate. What a holiday gift of its own, to watch these magnificent raptors work side by side as they prepare a cushy nest bole for their offspring.

Enjoy this clip of some early season Nestorations: 

We are delighted to welcome the Hanover eagles home, as well as our dedicated community of nest viewers, and our team at HDOnTap.


Last season, the first Hanover egg was laid on February 12th, followed by another egg three days later, on February 15th. This interval of three days between egg arrivals matched the previous year.

One egg hatched on March 22nd and March 23d, just twenty-four hours apart. 

Both eaglets fledged in the second half of June. 

As we can see, the breeding timeline for eagle’s does not follow the exact same pattern each year. What will this season’s eagle calendar look like? 

We hope the eaglets from last season have fared well during their first year of life, and we wish them a healthy second year, full of new lessons and fruitful fishing! 

Format for this season’s blogs:

At the end of each blog, we invite you to post your questions about the Hanover eagles and/or bald eagles in general. Zoey will write some blogs that address your questions, and some blogs that delve into specific events at the nest, as per usual. She will also cover breeding chronology such as when to expect hatching based on when eggs are laid.

If you capture a particular interesting, unique or unusual event, email us here to submit your screenshots or discription of the event, preferably with what date and time the event occured. 



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