AZGFD Sandhill Cranes

McNeal, Arizona, United States

3 173,834

Live White Water Draw - Sandhill Crane Webcam!
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The AZGFD White Water Draw Wildlife Webcam resides in the epicenter of a major roost site for the Sandhill Cranes in Southeastern Arizona. The Arizona Fish and Game live streaming webcam is solar powered, equipped with audio and housed in a self cleaning camera enclosure.

Sandhill Cranes breed and forage in open wetlands and prairies throughout North America, tending to flock in large numbers, filling the sky with loud bugle calls. Keep an eye out for mating rituals, as the Sandhill Cranes tend to dance with grace as they showoff their talents to willing mates. Enjoy the live wildlife webcam and check out the installation photos below. Click here to see a map of the AZGDF Sandhill Crane roosting site.

Winter Migration: As early as September and as late as March; Majority birds present between November-February