Hermosa Beach Pier North

Hermosa Beach, California, United States

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Hermosa Beach Pier - Northwest View
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Experience the Essence of Hermosa Beach Pier – Live and Vibrant!

Welcome to our live camera feed from Hermosa Beach Pier, proudly presented by Swell Magnet and powered by HDOnTap. Discover the captivating charm of Hermosa Beach, a quintessential Southern Californian beach town nestled in Los Angeles County. Boasting nearly 2 miles of pristine beach along the Pacific Ocean, Hermosa Beach is a beloved destination for both locals and tourists in Los Angeles.

Situated between Redondo Beach to the South and Manhattan Beach to the North, Hermosa Beach attracts enthusiasts, tourists, and professional athletes, especially surfers and volleyball players. Surfing holds a special place in the heart of this beach town, being the original birthplace of the sport in California. Delve into the rich heritage of Hermosa Beach at the Surfers Walk of Fame along the Hermosa Beach Pier, where local surf legends are honored with bronze plaques.

Our live camera is strategically placed at the corner of Pier Ave and The Strand walkway, offering a panoramic view of the Hermosa Pier Plaza located at the base of the iconic Hermosa Beach Pier. The Strand, a 4.3-mile-long paved walkway, seamlessly connects Hermosa Beach to Manhattan and Redondo Beaches, providing the perfect route for rollerblading, walking, biking, and skateboarding enthusiasts.

A notable feature in our live stream is the Tim Kelly Lifeguard Memorial, a bronze statue situated on the right corner of the frame. Tim Kelly, a renowned surfer and lifeguard, is commemorated through this memorial. His legacy lives on through the South Bay’s Junior Lifeguard Program, highlighting the courage and dedication of lifeguards worldwide.

Our live camera offers a front-row seat to various events, from exhilarating volleyball tournaments to the famed International Surf Festival and CBVA Volleyball Tournaments. As you gaze north, you'll notice the 13th street lifeguard tower, a symbol of Hermosa Beach's vibrant history. In a heartfelt tribute to social progress, the tower was painted in the LGBTQ pride flag colors, reflecting the city's inclusive spirit during Pride Month.

Whether you're checking surf conditions, relishing in the lively atmosphere of the Hermosa Beach Pier, or witnessing the city's progressive spirit through its lifeguard towers, our live camera captures the essence of Hermosa Beach in real time. Join us in embracing the energy and vitality of this coastal gem on the Southern Californian shoreline.