Cannery Row Live
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Cannery Row Live Stream
Brought to you by: Taste of Monterey

A taste of Monterey is located in Old Fisherman's wharf of Monterey County. A popular tourist stop on the prestigious coastline of Monterey Bay, including Big Sur and the world famous State Route 1.

Bask in the breathtaking coastal views of Cannery Row with A Taste of Monterey's live cam. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Monterey Bay from the convenience of your screen. Our live camera captures the charm of this iconic destination, offering real-time glimpses of the Pacific coastline, bustling Cannery Row, and the mesmerizing play of sunlight on the water.

Whether you're a local longing for a virtual escape or a prospective visitor planning your trip, this live cam provides an immersive preview of the stunning landscapes that define Monterey. Join us in savoring the beauty of A Taste of Monterey on Cannery Row, where every frame tells a story of coastal elegance and captures the essence of this enchanting destination. Experience the magic of Monterey Bay live, and let your imagination set sail on the waves of anticipation. Plan your next adventure and stay connected with the coastal allure of Cannery Row, courtesy of A Taste of Monterey's live cam experience.