Reid Park Zoo Elephant Grasslands
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Meet the Elephant herd of Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, AZ! Watch this live webcam as these African Elephants roam the expansive grassy pasture filled with enrichment activities and dusty rugged environments similar to those they may encounter in the wild.

Meet the Reid Park Zoo Elephants:
Semba, (Female/Matriarch)
Mabu, (Male)
Lungile (Adult Female)
Sundzu (Male)
Nandi (Sisters- Younger Female)
Mapenzi (Sisters- Youngest Female)

Elephants are highly intelligent and social mammals. They are gregarious with females and calves typically living in a small family unit together. The unit is typically matriarchal, organized around a stable group of females. Elephants are the largest land animals on the planet and have an incredible appetite, wild elephants spend an average of 18-20 hrs per day foraging and feeding. As herbivores they will feed on 400 species of plants, from grasses, to herbs and shrubs.