Reid Park Zoo Elephant Mudpit

Watch this herd of elephants roam, dust bathe and socialize as they would in the wild with this live cam of the elephant mudpit at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, AZ.

Meet the Reid Park Zoo Elephants:
Semba, (Female/Matriarch)
Mabu, (Male)
Lungile (Adult Female)
Sundzu (Male)
Nandi (Sisters- Younger Female)
Mapenzi (Sisters- Youngest Female)

African Elephants in the wild are still classified as a vulnerable species. Threats to these majestic mammals include habitat loss and poachers. The Reid Park Zoo Conservation Fund is proudly partnered with Dr. Charles Foley and the Tarangire Elephant Project. These efforts create corridors for elephants to move safely through Africa and prevent poaching. Dr. Foley carries out anti-poaching campaigns that cover over 4,500 miles.