Cobequid Special Unit Raptor Rehab Center

Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Canada

A 24/7 Live View of the Big Jeezley Raptor Flight Facility
In Partnership with the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The live view that you see is the "special rehabilitation unit" for wildlife in the CWRC care who need their own personal space to recover in. This allows for Owls, Eagles and all kinds of raptors to recover in an individual setting to heal. Staff determines when the wildlife recovering in this unit can be transferred to the communal Big Jeezley Raptor flight rehab to get their wings flapping with plenty of room to fly before being released into the wild.

HDOnTap is proud to partner with the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to bring you a one-of-a-kind view of this Raptor Rehabilitation Flight Facility!

About The "Big Jeezley" Flight Facility
The "Big Jeezley" allows raptors to rebuild their strength and stamina during their rehabilitation at the CWRC. While housed in the Big Jeezley, recovering raptors can choose when, for how long, how often and in which direction they would like to fly. The flyway is wide enough that the birds are able to practice their 180° turns. The space also provides a variety of high and low perches and platforms for the birds to rest on.

About The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing veterinary medical care to injured and orphaned wildlife. While the CWRC specializes in large birds of prey (eagles, hawks, owls, osprey, etc.), it provides care to all manner of animals. Recent patients have included snapping turtles, foxes, hares and groundhogs.

The CWRC is not open to the public in order to provide the best environment for our patients to recover and be rehabilitated. We do love sharing our passion for wildlife and what we are doing to protect and help them. The live stream of the patients in The Big Jeezley is our way of inviting you to see and understand the work we do while protecting the animals in our care.

Support the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
The CWRC is a registered nonprofit charity, run by volunteers, and financed through donations and fundraising. Donations can be made at

Frequently Asked Questions
What raptors are in the Jeezley and why are they there?
Raptors stay in the Jeezley to strengthen their flight muscles prior to release back into the wild. Some may only need to be in the facility for a day, but others could remain for a year or longer. Every bird and injury is unique. The injuries include collision related trauma, lead poisoning and electrocution. CWRC Staff may provide updates on the raptors in the facility from time to time.

How are the raptors fed?
CWRC staff provides food in the Jeezley. Meals typically consist of fish, although occasionally they include roadkill or chicken.

How do the raptors get water?
There are bowls and pools throughout the Jeezley, which are watered down daily by CWRC staff.