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South Salem, New York, United States

Meet Red Wolves: Jacques and Sage
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In December 2021, red wolf Jacques (M2152) arrived at the WCC from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. When he was born, Jacques was given the name “Jack” by his birth facility but in an effort to both honor his name and the WCC’s famous red wolf Jack who passed away in the fall of 2021, the WCC altered Jack’s name to Jacques - so fancy!

SAGE (F2061)
In September 2022 red wolf Sage (F2061) arrived at the WCC from USFWS Red Wolf Center in North Carolina. Born in 2014, Sage is now embarking on a new adventure. After settling into her new surroundings she will be introduced to red wolf Jacques as her new friend and roommate.,

About Red Wolves
These critically endangered red wolves represent the Wolf Conservation Center’s active participation in an effort to save a species on the brink of extinction. The red wolf is one of the world’s most endangered wild canids. Once common throughout the southeastern United States, red wolf populations were decimated by the 1960s due to intensive predator control programs and loss of habitat. In 1980, the species was declared extinct in the wild with only a handful left to survive in captivity. In 1987, red wolves were reintroduced into the wild in North Carolina as part of a federal reintroduction program. For more information about wolves and the WCC's participation in wolf recovery, please visit www.nywolf.org.

About the Wolf Conservation Center
The Wolf Conservation Center, a 501c3 non-profit, is an environmental education organization committed to conserving wolf populations in North America through science-based education programming and participation in the federal Species Survival Plans for the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf and red wolf. Through wolves, the WCC teaches the broader message of conservation, ecological balance, and personal responsibility for improved human stewardship of our World.

For more information visit the Wolf Conservation Center's website.