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User Types And Managing Users

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The HDOnTap Portal supports multiple user types to allow granular controls and access according to your needs. As such, not every user will be able to see, access or control various parts of the Portal.

User Types

  • Customer Admins can access everything in Portal, including updating customer information, adding new users, adding devices, determining permissions, and more.
  • Customer Users have more limited access and are not able to edit change critical information, such as customer information or devices.


  • You must be an Admin.
  • You must have your Portal login.
    Contact your Customer Administrator or HDOnTap Support if you need assistance with your Portal credentials.

Video Tutorial


Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Adding or Editing Users

    1. Log in to the HDOnTap Portal and navigate to Users in the left-side menu.
    2. Click the to add a new user.
    3. Fill out the Create New User form:
      HDOnTap Users

      Enter the first and last name of the user.
      For example: Tom Jones

      Enter the desired username for the user.
      For example: tomjones or tjones

      Enter the user's email address. This will be used in case of a password reset.

      Password/Re-Enter Password
      Enter the desired password for the user. This can be changed later by the user.

      Role (optional)
      Enter the user's role. This can be useful for HDOnTap personnel.
      For example: Manager or Marketing Director

      Cell/Work Phone/Other (optional)
      Enter the user's contact phone numbers. The Other field may be used for a phone number, Skype address, etc.

      Notes/Description (optional)
      Add any relevant notes or information about your embed.

    4. Click the Save Changes when finished.
  2. Editing Users

    • If you need to make any changes to a user, click the Edit IconHDOnTap Snapshot Tool, make any changes and click Save Changes when complete:
      HDOnTap Edit User
  3. Changing or Resetting a User's Password

    • Customer Admins can change or reset their user's passwords by clicking the User's Name, then clicking Reset Password:
      HDOnTap Password Reset
      Enter the new password, then click Save.
  4. Temporarily Disabling Users

    • Users can be temporarily disabled by toggling the Status option for that user in the User List.
      Active User
      HDOnTap Active User
      Disabled User
      HDOnTap Disable User
  5. Permanently Deleting Users

    1. Click the Edit Icon HDOnTap Snapshot Tool for the desired user:
      HDOnTap Edit User
    2. Click Remove User:
      HDOnTap Remove User