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HDOnTap Quickstart Checklist

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Welcome to the HDOnTap family of broadcasters! This quickstart checklist will help you make the most of your live streaming video right out of the gate.


  • You must have your Portal login.
    Contact your Customer Administrator or HDOnTap Support if you need assistance with your Portal credentials.

Video Tutorial


Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Get To Know The HDOnTap Portal
    The five-minute video above is the fastest way to tour the entire HDOnTap service, including where to access support resources.
  2. Customize Your Embed And Snapshot
    For your convenience, we've pre-made an embed for you, which is ready-to-go as soon as you authorize your website. We also recommend taking your branding to the next level by performing these actions right away:
  3. Take Your Website Live
    Now that your player is picture-perfect, you're ready to embed. Learn how to add your live stream to your website. It's also a great time to send your livestream to Facebook, YouTube or Twitch!
  4. Post-Integration Review
    We'd love to take a look at your live stream integration to ensure that you are capitalizing on your investment. Let us know when you're ready.